Wine Tastings

Join us every Friday evening from 5-7:30 pm for wine tasting.
Each week we focus on a different region, grape varietal, producer or importer.
Tastings typically include 5 wines for $10 per person.

November 17
Top Oregon Wines

Beer & Cider Tastings

Random evenings and they are FREE!

More coming soon! 


Blowout Sale on Owen Roe!!
Here is your chance to grab all your holiday wines at unbelievable prices. We will have many of these wines here to grab and go, but don't worry, if you need more, order it this weekend and we'll have it here Monday, Nov. 20. Check out these deals, starting today through the end of the month, Nov. 30! 

Rosa Mystica Cabernet Franc*
Abbot's Table*
Ex Umbris*
Yakima Red Blend
Yakima Cabernet Sauvignon

Sale - $21/bt
1/2 Case - $18.9/bt
Full Case - $16.8/bt

(Reg. Price - $28/bt)

Sharecropper's Pinot Noir*
Sharecropper's Red Blend*
Sharecropper's Cabernet Sauvignon*
Sharecropper's Chardonnay
Sharecropper's Syrah

Sale - $12/bt
1/2 Case - $10.8/bt
Full Case - $9.6/bt

(Reg. Price - $16)

In addition, we will have the Sharecropper's Pinot Noir and Red Blend available all weekend to taste. These wines are exactly what you'll want for your Thanksgiving feast. And you're not breaking the bank!

* These wines are currently in the shop, all others must be ordered for pickup.